Technical Exhibition

As for the previous Jicable conferences, an international technical exhibition will be held from June 24th to 26th 2019 inside the Congress Centre of Versailles in the heart of the Conference area.
Exhibitors will show materials, design, manufacturing, tests, laying and operation of polymer insulated power cables. Access to the exhibition will be reserved for all Jicable’19 delegates wearing their badge For more than 40 years ALROC has been working closely with cables manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, Utilities and Contractors in order to provide solutions for the cable preparation process, Cable fastening and cable connections in HV, MV and LV energy applications. Nowadays ALROC is a solution and product provider for the many steps included in the stripping process:
Outersheath removal, Aluminium shield removal, Lead shield removal, Bonded
semiconductor removal, Peelable semiconductor removal, Semiconductor chamfering, Insulation removal, Insulation chamfering, Insulation tapering, Insulation grooving, Insulation slicing (longitudinal and radial cutting). Through case studies, ALROC deliver solution for holding, fastening and fixing underground cables with products such as mounting brackets, frames and cleats tested to IEC 61914. With the integration of the company SORECA, ALROC is able to design, manufacture and test copper, aluminium and bimetallic lugs and connectors. Recently, ALROC is getting involved in advanced solution dedicated to improve in terms of time saving, health and quality/repeatability the junctions or terminations of enameled cables.
AP Sensing is a leading provider of Fiber Optic Condition Monitoring. Our Distributed Temperature Sensing solutions provide accurate hot-spot detection, thermal profiling, DCR/RTTR and burial depth calculation. Our Distributed Acoustic Sensing solutions provide TPI and cable fault detection/location. With AP Sensing you attain maximum ampacity at safe levels.
Since 1951, ARTOFIL is the genuine manufacturer of High Performance Yarns, where our expertise has contributed to become the leading manufacturer of waterblocking yarns to the cable industry. With a dedicated team of experts ARTOFIL have proven to be a full collocutor in the cable sector. Over the years, ARTOFIL have developed a complete range of waterblocking fine-, filler- and binder yarns to be able to offer the cable manufacturers a solution to produce a cost effective waterblocked cable design, even in a saline environment. Our latest product developments have enlarged our position in the market and have put us at the forefront of  waterblocking solutions. With this complete range of products we are ready for the waterblocking needs of today and tomorrow in all cable designs including subsea applications. We welcome those to our stand who are triggered and like to share their ideas to create new waterblocking cable designs in the most cost effective way. ARTOFIL : “FIRST CHOICE IN COST EFFECTIVE WATERBLOCKING CABLES SOLUTIONS”
Insulated power cable mainly dedicated to fire retardancy and fire barrier parameters. Axewa partners are covering the main range of:

  • Halogen Free Fire Retardant compounds (Megolon – Mexichem SC)
  • PVC Fire Retardant Low Smoke compounds (Mexichem SC) .
  • EPDM Fireproof (Sacred). Fire Retardant insulating and semi conducting cable wrapping tapes (Scapa) and Fire Barrier based on Mica.
  • ATH fine precipitated for HFFR compounding.

Specialists of Axewa team are active in Europe, Turkey and CIS through our representative offices in France, Poland, Istanbul and Moscow. Email :

Founded in 2001, b2 electronic GmbH is a global multi-technology company which develops,manufactures and distributes high-voltage equipment for simple cable testing, cable diagnostics and onsite oil testing to detect and prevent damage to electrical energy networks. Our high-voltage patents and the use of the latest technology make b2 electronic market leader in the field of cable testing and diagnostics and the fastest growing company in the industry. We are engineers to the core, with the flexibility and passion that only a family-owned business can guarantee. This allows us to constantly improve the performance of our systems and makes us able to offer more than 18 different models ranging from test voltages of 28 kV all the way to 200 KV. The HVA test sets are dry-type test systems (they have no oil-filled components). This means less maintenance, compact and lightweight design and no limitation of operating time. The VLF Hipot testers of the HVA series are the most advanced, smallest and lightest available. The high modularity of our generators makes them ideal high-voltage sources to be easily combined with the diagnostic systems of our TD and PD product families. With products delivered to more than 120 countries b2 electronic has proven the quality of its products even in geographically and climatically challenging areas. With the help Local partners, we are able to provide full customer support and develop a uniquely powerful partnership with all of our customers.
BAUR Gmbh is market leader in the field of service and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems and their components. High grade products, onsite consultation and intensive training programs and comprehensive service from BAUR guarantee optimum status monitoring of electrical insulation materials and power supply systems. With this, the company makes significant contribution towards efficient and problem-free power supply worldwide. The BAUR testing and measurement technology prevents damage to networks and systems, allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance and locates faults as precisely and quickly as possible. For the reliability of your networks and systems. BAUR offers high quality products, consultation on site, comprehensive service and special training in the following areas -Cable fault location -Cable testing and diagnostics pertaining to the reliability of cable systems -dielectric insulation testing. BAUR customers include power plant companies and public utility companies, as well as industrial and service companies around the world. Intensive contact with customers and consistent implementation of their expectations are given the highest priority at BAUR.
DEKRA offers the complete scope of low, medium and high voltage testing for power transmission & distribution equipment. Our laboratories are in the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, China and Hungary (VEIKI-VNL). The latter is a member of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL). Our services cover a wide range of products and standards for which we are accredited as a testing laboratory (ISO-IEC 17025), as an inspection body (ISO-IEC 17020) and as a certification body (ISO-IEC 17065). For each project, DEKRA determines the optimal approach: testing in one of our own laboratories, in the manufacturer’s laboratory, or in third-party laboratories. Tests are always performed under supervision of a DEKRA expert, guaranteeing a consistent high quality, reliability and uniformity of test reports and certificates, which are widely recognized and accepted by grid operators, utility companies, end users, governments, authorities and other stakeholders around the world. DEKRA has been active in the field of safety for more than 90 years and is one of the world‘s leading expert organizations in testing, inspection and certification. Our qualified and independent experts work for safety on the road, at work and at home. They test and certify, among others, consumer, industrial, automotive and ICT products, as well as products used in explosive atmospheres and medical devices for worldwide markets. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing gives you the edge in a world where products need to work with everything else. It‘s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.
DNV GL is a global quality assurance and risk management company. Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, we enable our customers to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. Operating in more than 100 countries, our professionals are dedicated to helping customers in the maritime, oil & gas, power and renewables and other industries to make the world safer, smarter and greener. DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy management. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our experts support customers around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply.
CYME International T&D is a world-class Power Engineering Solutions provider with an established reputation for customer responsiveness and technical expertise. Our solutions stand behind thousands of T&D projects in over 100 countries around the world. CYME offers an extensive line of Power Engineering Software that feature some of the most advanced analysis tools for transmission, distribution and industrial power systems. We offer comprehensive services in order for our customers to fully benefit from the CYME applications in their specific IT environment and to address their engineering analysis needs. This includes engineering studies, assistance to integration and comprehensive training
Among the solutions proposed by EDF R&D to external clients, EDF POWER NETWORKS LAB is our complete range of tests offers with exceptional testing facilities for all electrical system equipments,including cables, from high voltage to smart grids : Qualification, Investigation, Tailor-made testing services, Asset optimisation, System integration, Innovation. 75 highly qualified experts, research engineers and technicians can rely on the 2000 researchers of the multidisciplinary R&D of the first European electric utility.
The European Subsea Cables Association is an organisation of submarine cable owners, operators and suppliers and is primarily aimed at promoting marine safety and protecting cable installations in European and surrounding waters.
Sales of test instruments for the cable industry.
Test transformers – PD test systems – construction on screened rooms. Renting of test instruments, including cable fault finding testers. Tests on site for customers :- cables, switchgears, generators
– Fault finding o cables
– Cable diagnostics
Furukawa Electric Group has the following Corporate Philosophy: “Drawing on more than a century of expertise in the development and fabrication of advanced materials, we will contribute to the realization of a rich and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation.” Our business domain started out with electrical cables and non-ferrous metal. It has expanded to encompass fields such as telecommunications, electronics, new materials and automotive parts and components. We are supporting the base of society and industry through various kinds of technology for stable electric power transmission.
H&R is the world’s leading provider of cable compounds for the energy sector. We offer unique application solutions for manufacturers, operators and installers of cables through and international network of manufacturing sites, supported by regional sales offices. These applications solutions are utilised throughout the cables industry;
Haefely Hipotronics is a market leader in the field of high voltage test equipment for the transformer and cable industry. The Company offers a wide range of instruments and complete high-voltage test laboratories for measurements and diagnostics in laboratories, factories and in the field. As a leading supplier in the high voltage test equipment business, Haefely Hipotronics has a reputation for quality and reliability based on an extensive product range and vast experience. The innovative use of highly sophisticated equipment, first class quality and long experience in test applications are the guarantee of accuracy, efficiency and reliability of various test methods. Customer-support is guaranteed by a vast worldwide network of well trained and an experienced crew of Service engineers. The Company is part of Hubbell Inc., USA .
HIGHVOLT is a global leader in high voltage and high current test systems and measurement equipment with experience of more than 110 years and with an export share of about 90 percent. At the factory in Dresden, Germany, HIGHVOLT develops and manufactures systems for testing electric power equipment used to transfer electrical energy, such as transformers, cables, and switchgears. The long standing company provides complete solutions with all consulting and maintenance services from entire test bays right down to individual components.
High Voltage Test Systems is the specialist for the sypply of HV test labs, including shielding rooms & AC/DC source and Equipment for the cable industry.
Imerys Graphite & Carbon is the world leader in high-tech, high performance solutions based on specialized graphite and carbons. Imerys Graphite & Carbon has a strong tradition and history in carbon manufacturing, with its first manufacturing operation founded way back in 1908. Today, Imerys Graphite & Carbon produces and markets a large variety of synthetic and natural graphite powders, conductive carbon blacks and water-based dispersions of consistent high quality. Adhering to a philosophy of Total Quality Management and continuous process improvement, all our manufacturing plants comply with ISO 9001:2008. Imerys Graphite & Carbon is committed to produce highly specialized graphite and carbon materials for today’s and tomorrow’s customers needs. Imerys Graphite & Carbon is a member of Imerys, the world leader in mineral specialties for industry.
Kinectrics is an integrated life cycle management services company providing testing, inspection, certification and engineering consulting for the electric power generation, transmission and distribution markets worldwide. Kinectrics helps keep the electric power industry’s construction and refurbishment projects and existing operations running smoothly and to specification through its independent laboratory and testing facilities, a diverse fleet of field inspection equipment and an award-winning team of over 1,000 engineers and technical experts. From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assets perform safely, reliably and efficiently throughout their entire life cycle.
Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of your or your customers’ electrical assets. Megger is the world leader in cable test, diagnostic and fault location solutions. Featuring groundbreaking performance, robustness and ease of use, our cable test products are designed to give you faster, more accurate results. They find cable faults that other instruments cannot, maximising uptime and driving your costs down. .
Mohaupt High Voltage is a small team of experts located in Mieders, Innsbruck, Austria. Our activities are the engineering and manufacturing of tailor made high voltage test equipment. We produce all kind of AC and DC test sources including a variety of sub components. Mohaupt High Voltage (MHV) develops and manufactures all components in Austria. We offer the full range of HV sources (DC, VLF and AC) and their auxiliary components (feeders, dividers etc.). We are specialized on low loss HV reactors for resonant test systems as well as for on site testing, HV transformers, regulating transformers, DC and VLF test systems. Furthermore, we are ready to perform repair and maintenance on all kind of HV test systems such as resonant test systems, test transformers, regulating transformers and others. Besides measuring systems (such as PD detectors), there are no trading products. MHV is prepared for customer specific solutions and turn key projects – all engineering is done in house, so we can offer you a maximum of flexibility to get an optimized and tailor made solution for your individual demand.
As a global leader in advanced cabling and connectivity solutions, Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of best-in-class products and innovative services. Nexans is committed to facilitating energy transition and supporting the exponential growth of data. Our High Voltage & Projects activities cover offshore wind farms, submarine interconnections and land high voltage. Nexans employs more than 26,000 people with industrial footprint in 34 countries.
NKT has pioneered the cable industry since 1891, and today we are still proactively meeting the world’s constantly growing needs for power. We achieve this with our energy transportation expertise and cost-effective manufacturing at the highest technological level, and with the regeneration of the environment in sharp focus. We have a ‘glocal’ mindset valuing trusted partnerships, and we firmly believe that by working together we can shape the future, and use our passion to bring power to life. NKT is a global and recognized provider of turnkey AC/DC cable solutions with dual headquarter in Denmark and Germany. We employ approximately 3,400 people, and realized a 2016 revenue of EUR 1 billion. NKT is owned by NKT A/S, listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.
With the LIOS Sensing product line, NKT Photonics is the market leader in distributed temperature and strain sensing for power cables (including RTTR), security, and fire detection. Backed by over 20 years’ experience and thousands of systems in the field worldwide, we delivery monitoring solutions with unrivaled quality and performance..
ohv diagnostic – Expertise in high voltage diagnostic technology Reliable data on the condition of power generation and distribution equipment is now more critical than ever. As a grid operator, you need dependable information in order to make practical decisions on maintenance and repairs. For example, you need answers to questions such as: “Is the insulation on our generators, cables, substations, and transformers operationally reliable? Do we need special inspection or handling procedures?” This information is essential for developing maintenance strategies and for planning optimal technical and commercial investments. It also significantly reduces the risk of unplanned power supply interruptions. Obtaining this information calls for comprehensive diagnostic measurements that allow the nondestructive assessment of grid conditions. Such measurements are technically demanding, however, and call for appropriate instrumentation, operational experience, and extensive know-how to evaluate the results. That is why you need the expertise and practical experience offered by the engineers at ohv diagnostic!
OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. The application of OMICRON products allows users to assess the condition of the primary and secondary equipment on their systems with complete confidence. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis and training make the product range complete. Customers in more than 150 countries rely on OMICRON as a supplier of leading edge technology. On the Jicable 2019 we will show the following solutions for power cables: -Impedance measurements -Partial discharge analysis and monitoring -Dissipation/power factor measurement (Tan Delta) -Dielectric response analysis
PHENIX Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of High Voltage, High Current, and High Power Test Systems and Components. Our product line includes equipment for testing Cables, Circuit Breakers, Generators, GIS/Switchgear, Insulation Materials, Motors, Reclosers, Transformers, Utility Worker’s Rubber Goods/Protective Gear, plus more. Our 85,000 square-foot headquarters located in Accident, Maryland is a modern manufacturing facility where all aspects of electrical, mechanical, software design, and production are performed. Our engineers are members of world-wide professional and technical organizations and offer knowledge and experience that’s vital to the development of innovative solutions for any project. Our Service and Calibration Department assists customers during and after installation to ensure optimum equipment performance and customer satisfaction. PHENIX Technologies has 40+ years of experience and has delivered test equipment to 110 countries.
Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry. With almost 140 years of experience, sales exceeding €11 billion (pro-forma as of 31.12.2017), about 30,000 employees in over 50 countries and 112 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how. It operates in the businesses of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, of special cables for applications in many different industries and of medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. For the telecommunications industry, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission, offering a comprehensive range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. Prysmian is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index.
Sensa provides a broad portfolio of DTS products with a variety of distance ranges, temperature and spatial resolutions. Sensa’s RTTR solution provides a unique network scalable system with an incredibly flexible alarm management and integration software. The Distributed Vibration System (DVS) is a powerful multi-level interpretative system for Third Party Intrusion Monitoring (TPI) of suspicious activity in proximity of power line assets and corridors.
SICAME is a worldwide industrial Group specialising in products and services relating to the transport and distribution of electrical energy..
Global manufacturer of cable wrapping and insulation tapes for the power and optical cable industry.
STRI is a leading independent and accredited laboratory specializing in high voltage testing for equipment up to 1100 kV AC and DC. STRI provides high quality testing services according to the latest standards or customized customer requirements. Our experienced and highly skilled test engineers perform dielectric, temperature rise (up to 9000 A), pollution and climate tests (rain, pollution, high/low temperature ice, and snow) on high voltage products including AC and DC cables, breakers, bushings, GIS (including tests for switching of bus-charging currents TD1, TD2 and TD3), instrument transformers, insulators, surge arresters etc. We also have a fully equipped material laboratory for performing non electrical type tests including bending test and prequalification tests on high voltage AC and DC cables. We have seven test halls for high voltage testing and can also perform high voltage tests on our outdoor test areas. Our clients include all of the major manufacturers of electrical equipment and power utilities world-wide. The laboratory is located in Sweden.
ALTANOVA: ADVANCED TESTING & MONITORING SOLUTIONSALTANOVA is a leading company in the field of condition based monitoring and diagnostics of electrical apparatus. ALTANOVA has its roots in two strong and long experienced Italian based companies well set in the market of testing and monitoring: TECHIMP and ISA.The merger of the two companies provides synergies for the benefit of our customers in terms of giving access to new solutions and technologies.TECHIMP is the major player in condition assessment and permanent monitoring of electrical assets. Located in Bologna, TECHIMP develops, manufactures and distributes products, systems, and provides services for several applications like, quality control in factory, commissioning tests, on-line/off-line measurements, and permanent monitoring.ISA is a renowned company in the field of design and manufacturing of portable test equipment for electrical assets with more than 80 years’ experience. ISA equipment is designed for testing protective relays, power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, batteries and many other high voltage apparatuses. With more than 120 employees and subsidiaries in Germany, India, US, Singapore, UAE and Brazil and globally present in more than 100 countries, ALTANOVA GROUP represents a true global player helping asset managers with customized condition assessments to maintain the highest availability of MV/HV networks within budget limitations.
TECNALIA Research & Innovation is one of the five largest research and testing institutes in Europe, working on different sectors such as Energy, Construction, Industry and others. The headquarters are located at the Basque Country, Spain. TECNALIA Electrical Labs is the section of TECNALIA Research & Innovation acting as a third-party Test Institute, accredited ISO 17025 by ILAC and recognized by most utilities and CBs in the Middle East and worldwide. Our testing scope includes electrical equipment for T&D networks such as MV & HV Cables and accessories, Insulators, LV & MV Switchgear, Distribution Transformers, Instrument Transformers and many others.
VAH Graz GmbH (High Voltage Test Laboratory Graz Ltd.) is a leading independent and accredited laboratory specializing in high voltage testing for electrical insulation systems and HV products up to 800 kV AC and DC including cables, bushings, instrument transformers, insulators, OHL strings and fittings. We provide high quality testing and consulting services according to the latest standards and customer requirements. VAH Graz GmbH has test laboratories of different size for high voltage testing and can also perform high voltage tests on an outdoor test area. Our clients include all major manufacturers of electrical equipment and power utilities in Europe. The laboratory is part of Graz University of Technology and located in Austria.

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